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Bow Wow Lifestyles is a Pet Sitting / Boarding & Pet Lifestyle Brand based in Mumbai. The brand name was inspired by the adventurous lifestyle led by our Muse Shadow & Snow. After becoming a Pet Parent, we started to realised that our pets need a safe place where we can leave them if need be, which was not a kennel and our pets would get individual attention and love . This gave birth to Bow Wow Pet Sitters.

We then wanted to create products that not only look great but can also create a strong bond between the human and their pups. A Pet Lifestyle brand that would speak to its credibility and love for Animals. Thus we formed Bow Wow Lifestyle.

Our goal is to create high-quality, sustainable, and luxurious accessories for dogs of all sizes and personalities. We insist on providing your dog’s comfort and security while at the same time giving them a stylish look with the latest trends. Each design is hand picked and tested by our pups to ensure your dog gets the best. Then they are assembeled & packed with a sprinkle of love and care. The excitement and joy on you and your pup’s faces are what we strive for!


Our main focus has always been the comfort of your pet. Anything less isn't an option.


Along with comfort, we make sure that the product that comes to you is sturdy enough.


A product that doesn't make our heart twitch will never leave our drawing board.


All our products have that X factor. A lot of love. To ensure a smile when you receive it.

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